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Programmable relay - relative thresholds

Hi I use battery life functionality and it works really well.
I have heater connected to AC-2 and I want to turn it on only when excess energy available.
Now programmable relay assistant allows to on/off relay based on absolute values.
For example it can close relay if SOC > 40%.
However after cloudy week my SOC active limit can be 60%.
In this situation relay will be still closed, while system will get energy from grid, what I wanted to avoid.
In order to respect battery life settings, assistant should allow to define relative thresholds instead of fixed values.

Example rules based on SOC:
Close relay: SOC > active SOC limit + 20%
Open relay: SOC < active SOC limit + 10%

How to do it?

So in general I would propose to use any system parameter
(of course if it has the same units like percentage or wats) in formula with additional offset.
Logical expression would be also acceptable.

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