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EasySolar2 48/5000 not exporting when AC PV is available on input

I have an EasySolar2 48/5000 solar system coupled with 16 x 500W solar panels (4 in series, and the 4 series strings in parallel). Due to the fact that the Victron Multiplus2 inside the EasySolar2 cannot export more than 4500W even though the DC PV has plenty more power available, I have connected a Chinese brand 3000W inverter on the AC Input side via an Et340 Energy meter. The Chinese OnGrid inverter is tied now with 8 of the solar panels and pushes ~3300W constantly without any problems, the rest of 8 solar pannels (2 parallel strings) on the EasySolar.

The problem is that the EasySolar2 starts to export, it reaches a total combined power of 6500W and then it falls back to 0W export, it stays for ~60s tries again, and falls back to 0W.

I have validated that the input voltage does not go over 249V AC and 51Hz when it tries to export (at the peak export of 6500W).

I have also tried different grid parameters but without any luck.

Can somebody help me with this issue?

I can supply the remote config file or any other system/install info.

(it is so frustrating that the high quality victron glitches when trying to export while the Chinese not so reliable and not so safe inverter does the job perfectly)

Update: if I set the maximum feed-in to 5000W everythigs works well, chinese inverter + EasySolar (but I am missing out on the remaining ~1500W)

Thank you in advance, regards, Darius (btw I am a license electrician and the installation is done by me)

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