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Off grid installation with a 2. battery and ARGO Diode


I run an island system at home (currently with a 48V/120 AH LiFePo battery and a Smart Inverter 48V/3000W, as well as 9 solar panels with 150/35 Victron MPPTs).

Now I would like to integrate a 2nd battery pack 48V/50Ah with its own BMS.

That is, the charging current should come from the MPPTs, but no current should flow backwards to the inverter. I would like to supply a different circuit on this 2nd battery.

Could I interpose an Argo diode battery separator on the incoming side (from the MPPTs) and then connect the two batteries there?

The Argo diode battery separator is actually intended for the charging current from the alternator!

Thanks for helping

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