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Adding a 2nd fusebox

Hi all. Regarding my electrical design shown here, is there any good way to add a second 12 blade fusebox without adding a 2nd Lynx Distributor? Thanks for any tips! (cable connection points in the image for planning purposes only)

EDIT: the main fusebox is next to the Lynx and the 2nd would be located some 2m away from the Lynx.


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The options I see is to either remove the connecting tabs on the end of the Lynx distributor, normally removed when you’re joining it to other Lynx equipment like a shunt or another’s distributor etc., and running your positive and negative for your new fuse box from there with a mega fuse holder in-line. Another option would be joining the Orion and MPPT on a busbar and sending your charge current through one (set) wire to the Lynx distributor. And then you’ll be looking at putting a fuse between the Orion and the busbar and a fuse between the MPPT and the busbar. Second option allowing your new fuse box to also be connected through the Lynx distributor.

I guess a third option is tapping into the positive after your main on off switch and before your Lynx distributor, installing a mega fuse holder. Use one side like a post for two 2/0 ring terminals, allowing the current to pass through to the distributor uninterrupted, and the other side of the mega fuse holder going to your fuse box. That is just the positive so you’ll have to tap your negative in to return. Could use the same negative slot on your distributor as your other fuse box, or open up the end tab as discussed earlier.

Just ideas. Good luck

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