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Multipluss-II with eTower Batteries stats not updating


I have the following setup:

MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48
Color Control GX
Etower freedom won x2 modules (200ah)
SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 rev2 with 12 panels on the roof

Everything works as far as I can see, except that the VRM does not update the battery V,A or watts correctly, the SOC and battery % updates in realtime.

If I redetect the battery, the stats will refresh correctly, but they never move from the last values.

The battery is connected via the CAN cable provided by the freedom Won installation.

I have access to the VRM of an identical site and the stats does update in realtime, the only difference I can see in settings is a CCGX firmware version difference where the working one as an older firmware (v2.73) and mine using v2.89.

Any ideas why ?

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If you can't see realtime updates directly on the GX then you won't see it on VRM. I would update it to current.

If that fails, may be worth resetting the BMS on the master (hold the reset in until the LEDs cycle), in case it has got itself stuck.

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I see the remote console is also stuck


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Update first to current GA code, then try the reset. Or vice versa, if you're onsite or not.
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Reboot via GX controller seems to have fixed the issue.
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