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ET112 display different in VRM and Console

I am yet to replace my 24 volt Latronics inverter and lead acid batteries with a 48 Victron Multiplus II and BYD lithium battery set (another 6 months) so in the meantime as part of the transition I have installed an ET 112 energy meter to monitor the AC output (AC Load) from the inverter. I already have Victron MPPT Charge Controllers and the Smart Shunt for monitoring purposes. Everything is connected to a Cerbo GX. When I monitor the system via VRM the AC load shows up as it should. see image below.


When I look at the Console the AC Load is mirrored in the AC Input. See image below. The DC power represents the current flow to the Latronics inverter as it has no interface to the Victron ecosystem.


When I look at the summary on the VRM dashboard I get the following. Which displays the ET112 data in the "From Grid" box even though I have chosen AC Load as the category for the ET112. The true consumption data is actually Consumption minus From Grid.


Whilst none of these anomalies impact on the way the system works or the way that I monitor what is happening, I would be interested to know why this is the case. I am sure all this will go away when the new Victron inverter is installed and everything talks the same language.

My nerdy self would like to understand.

dashboard display
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