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battery current discharge

would it be possible to insert the parameter sent by bms max. discharge current of the battery as an adjustable value in cerbo or shunt? Or is somebody who already solved this problem?
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Most batteries can communicate with the Cerbo and so do this themselves.

There are workarounds like limit inverter power if you don't have a battery with communication.

What battery or bms are you working with? And the setup you have.

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200Ah 48v, 15s2p with CAN 100bps so uncompatibile with victron. Setup is 3phase 3000 M+II, MPPT85, MPPT60, SHUNT, CERBO. the idea is not to limit M+ directly, but only the discharge current of the battery. or if is exist some CAN translator?

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ siolaservice commented ·

Do you have ESS installed?

You will probably have to limit inverter power then to the max discharge of the battery.

Set the systen to keep batteries charged.

Obviously these setting will only work if you have grid connected so it can use the extra power from there.

Have the larger loads on ac out 2 and have that disconnect them if grid goes so you dont draw the load from the battery.

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