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Battery Protect

I have come across a situation and hoping that you may have heard of this and might be able to suggest a solution.

A microwave oven on the boat is powered from a Freedom 20 inverter. When the microwave is turned on either the Victron Smart Battery Protect or the Cyrix-Li-Load randomly turns off. It happens about 20% of the times the microwave is used. It has never turned off both devices at the same time. It never happens when the microwave is operated on shore power which would suggest that the inverter is emitting some kind of pulse or signal which turns off the Victron devices.

I really appreciate any of your professional advice and thoughts regarding the above.

Thanks. Have a great day.

Paul Thornton

Battery Protect
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Matthias Lange - DE avatar image Matthias Lange - DE ♦ commented ·
Can you please give us some more information's about your system?

What other components do you have?
How much power do the microwave need?

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Hi Matthias

Thanks for your response.

The system is on a 40 Ft. powerboat and is comprised of 2 Victron 12 Volt 330 AH Smart Lithium batteries which are protected by a Smart BMS 12-200. The Smart Battery Protect turns off the ship's electrical loads in a case of over discharge and the Cyrix 230A Li-Load turns off the Inverter in a case of over discharge. The microwave draws 1200 Watts. The voltage never drops below 12.9 Volts when the microwave is powered from the inverter.


Paul Thornton

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