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Setting up a new ESS system. I have couple of questions.

So I'm going to be setting up a new victron ess system and i have a couple of questions. Here are my system details and questions:


- MultiPlus-II 48/3000VA
- BlueSolar 100/20 (48v)
- SmartShunt 500A
- 50AH Li-ION battery (15S 45-63V)
- RPI3 as venus device

Here are my questions:

1- If i set "Limit inverter power" to 1000W what will happen when the grid is lost? Is this setting ignored or will the inverter shut down on overload?

2- If my ess mode is set to "Optimized (without BatteryLife)" and my "Minimum SOC (unless grid fails)" is set to 50% what will happen when my battery is 50% but i have 400W solar power on the mppt. Will the 400W go to inverter to assist my 1000W load (so 400w from solar and 600W from grid) or will it just charge the battery?

3- Just to confirm grid code for Slovakia should be "Europe: EN50549-1"? right?

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1 This ignonred and will supply the laods at the inverter max loads power.

2 Yes it will assist the inverter first before battery.

3 That i dont't know as i am in New Zealand


Rob D


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xpatrik avatar image xpatrik Rob Duthie commented ·
Thanks for replying, Is there a way to somehow set the inverter not to output power when the grid is lost? I dont want to pull all the load from my small battery and possibly damage it from discharging very fast.

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When the gird is lost, the internal relay will disconnect the AC-in. So not possible to push any energy out via AC-in.

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