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Deep discharge despite Smartsolar?

I'm at the very beginning of my experience with solar energy and Victron.
That's why I ask you for help here - and apologize if the question is too trivial for you.

I have a very simple setup:
12V lifepo 30ah battery and Smart Solar MPPT 75/15.
Battery configured as lifepo with 12V.
Otherwise everything left by default.
For a first test with a 100W panel the battery was fully charged.
Street light function activated (or always on?).
At the load output of the SmartSolar I had connected 2x 20W halogen lamp as a powerful consumer.
My calculation was rough:
30ah at 12V is about 360Wh.
At about 40W, this should be enough for 9h - one night.
Overnight, I had left the consumers on to see what capacity the battery has.
The next morning the app showed me: Battery min: 0.07V.
(see the attached screenshot)

Now my question(s):
Had the voltage really dropped to 0.07V?
With such a low voltage, could the SmartSolar still write data itself?
Should the SmartSolar not ensure that there is no deep discharge?
Is my battery now non-reversible broken? What can I do to prevent deep discharge?
I thought the SmartSolar would do prevent that.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Probably the BMS in the battery disconnected to protect itself from damage. It should recover with charging. That's a heavy load for overnight on a 30Ah battery.

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bruno avatar image bruno commented ·
Thank you for your answer.

Do you mean the battery is not broken?

I do not understand: How can the SmartSolar write data with so low voltage?

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Even better, there's nothing wrong.

Sorry, the screen shot didn't load on my phone when I looked before.

The right column is from when you set the system up, 6 days ago (Vor 6 Tagen). So read the 0.07V as starting voltage. Before the battery was connected. Looks as if you did load the battery heavily and solar put it back in.

All the later days show normal min/max battery voltage.

Low charge amount is because the battery is fully charged.

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