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The battery on my Dashboard has suddenly started to show the Temperature along with the Voltage and Current . The data doesnt change and is several degrees out , even the "SOLAR BATTERY CHARGER TEMPERATURE widget which i know to be correct is nothing like the Dashboard figure . Can someone please tell me where the information is taken from and how do i remove it . Tried the battery Temperature Widget from the VE Bus System (276) and that is stuck at the same reading . Enabling DVCC just Voltage Sense and selecting MPPT a source but doesn't do anything , the MPPT regulates spot on from the Temperature it shows on its screen .

Another quick question is can i tee off the Battery Sense wire just before it enters my MPPT and connect it to my Multiplus 1200 also or would the voltage reading be less accurate rendering it less reliable to control Temperature compensation .

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Can you please provide us with more info, screenshots, temperature sensor(s) in your system, BMV or BMS, battery type?

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The temperature sensor is the one that came with the Multiplus and is connected between the Negative Lug on my battery Bank and MPPT , the temperature shown in the MPPT LCD screen , Solar Charger Summary Widget and Solar Charger Temperature Widget are all is correct .

I have AGM batteries , I dont have any other monitoring equipment , the only equipment i have is MPPT 150/70 CAN charge controller , Multiplus and Cerbo GX .

The correct Temperature started off at 24 degrees early this morning rising to 34c now , 5 degrees higher than shown .on the Dashboard and V.E. Bus Summary temperature which was 29c this morning but was 27c yesterday , only thing i did was disconnect Cerbo last night but as im used to seeing 27c i didn't look again until this morning then noticed it was now 29c


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I don't know to what extent the MultiPlus temperature sensing is integrated with VRM.

You could try connecting the MultiPlus temperature sensor to the temperature sensor inputs on your Cerbo GX and configure it for battery in the setup menu.

MPPTs have their own temperature sensing, which I believe only reflects the internal temperature of the enclosure, unless an external temperature sensor is connected to the system that relays the temperature (set in DVCC).

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