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New solar installation

Hi everyone,

I hope you can help me complete my research please, I have done a lot, but to the honest I'm not sure if that's the right setup for me, as there are so many possibilities of setup, and I'm not sure if I have all the components or too many.

I want to install at home 2 solar panels of 175wh, with a Lifepo4 Eco-worthy 12 V 100 Ah battery.The objective is to power my TV (250w) 5h/day, and/or laptops (150w) & USB chargers for phones (50w).

As none are critical, I don't need to alternate with the grid, I can simply unplug from the solar system and plug into the grid easily if no power is available.

I might evolve in the future with 2-3 extra panels.

What I think I need is:

  • 2x BlueSolar 175w mono
  • 1x SmartSolar MPPT 100/20
  • 1x MPPT WireBox - MC4
  • 1x Lifepo4 100Ah 12v
  • 1x Smart Battery Protect
  • 1x SmartShunt
  • 1x Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct 500VA
  • Cables
  • Cupboard

I appreciate a lot in advance your help and support!



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