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Color Control GX connection to Cerbo GX as an additional system monitoring

Dear Sirs, we set a Lithium system on a gulet and we installed Cerbo GX + 7" touch display in the engine room. We also connected Cerbo GX to Raymarine backbone to share this screen to the wheelhouse area. But we also want to install Color Control GX screen (from the old installation to put this unit in use again) which already exists onboard to monitor the system from the engine control room which the crew can easily access without entering the engine room.

1) Is anyone has any experience with such a usage of Cerbo GX + Color Control unit together?

2) Or do you have any other solution to share this screen in to control room?

If you can help us on that subject we will be appreciated it.

cerbo gxCCGX Color Control
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Does anyone have an idea about that topic?
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