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Victron Smart Battery Protect 12/24 |100 placement question

Hi Folks,

I have a two fold question about the best placement for Victron BP for my VAN build that has LIFEPo4 560Ah 12v house battery bank, REC BMS, Cerbo-GX, Orion-tr DC-DC, Multiplus 3000, and pair of MPPTs 100/30. Originally I purchased the BP thinking of protecting the car battery, when using Orion Dc-Dc charger, as for my indented off-grid travel, starting the engine would be #1 priority over any house loads. However while doing my research I found that almost no one using it this way. Most references in Victron diagrams I find the BP being placed before house load (that's makes most sense to me) or after MPPTs (why?)

What are the practical experiences on this matter, where to best utilize the BP, since I already have it? It seems that Orion Dc-Dc can safely protect car battery from discharging under reasonable use. I drive Ford Transit 2020 and that uses dual AGM battery bank, if this is relevant to the question. I can install the breaker switch between CCP and the Orion and turn it on when needed.

And the second part, what programming parameters needs to be applied to BP when use in the particular manner. It does not have VE.can connector, does it mean it can not talk to Cerbo-GX? And do I even need to install it with REC BMS controlling the cells?

Thanks in advance!


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