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Adding Curtis Motor Controller and additional Genset Drivers

We (Mothership Marine) plan to add support for additional devices in order for the Cerbo GX we fit as standard to our solar electric boats to additionally interface to the Motor Controllers and non-Fischer Panda Generators. In order of priority, we plan to add the following:

  1. Curtis OS37 E & F Series motor controllers. This would likely support additional Curtis models; these controllers support CANopen/CANbus.
  2. Mase Generators (Modbus over RS485)
  3. Vetus Generators (NMEA2000 / CANbus)

For the motor controller, we have looked at extending the existing Venus driver however this doesn’t look like it has been touched in 5 years and is in C. Our plan is to write a new Python driver for the motor controller but keep the same com.victronenergy.motordrive data which should be adequate for our initial needs.

If anyone is/has worked on drivers for any of these devices, any feedback is gratefully received. We plan to share any drivers that make it to a tested configuration. Also, if anyone can point us to documentation of how Venus does CANbus device discovery that would be appreciated.

Venus OSGeneratordriver
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