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Battery Protect 220A resets in a strange condition...

Although there are a lot of Battery protect posts, I could not find related one.

We implement to our sailboat almost identical configuration with the schematics below;

Except few changes...

Multiplus is model II 12/300

Lithium Batteries are Smart 12.8 2x330Ah

and of course fuses and cables are bigger, larger and thicker accordingly....

The overall system is working perfect except one situation...

When we plug-in a laptop to a 220V AC, The Battery protect that we use for controlling DC loads as it is in schematics, resets without error for a second and restarts within few seconds and system turns back normal.

It happens usually when laptop adapter is not plugged for an hour or more. First, we suspected from multiplus. However, all other 220 devices like TV set, even AC unit working fine while this happens. And as in schematics, DC connections are not passing through BP. It has its own DC cables and fuses as it is guided by manuals.

We then suspected from bms and replaced bms load disconnect connection to bp with direct 12V. Problem occured again.

No 12V DC device triggers this. No other 220V AC device triggers this. Only different model laptops from different brands. Strange thing there is no connection between 220V AC system and BP220 except DC negative and multiplus's ground relay option. It may be becasue of inrush current of laptop or defective BP220.

Any suggestions or solutions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

Battery Protect
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Is the BP wired correctly with the unit properly grounded? Does the laptop power supply have a 2-pin or is 3 pin plug? I suspect a grounding issue, but the BP could be defective.

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Yes it is grounded properly. This is the only case we have this problem. laptop adapters are three pin plug. Different brands, one is 65w Lenovo, the other is 240w Dell. We suspect from inrush current but our multimeters cannot catch it. And we do not have scope to measure it.
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