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How to adjust 100/50 so that alternator shuts down?

My main solar panels are controlled by Victron 100/30 and 100/50 smartsense regulators. These can be easily adjusted from a smart phone via Bluetooth. But there is no adjustment for bulk charge voltage.

I’m trying to shut down my 614 regulators, so that the solar panels can do much of the work, instead of alternators. What a waste of energy, and wear and tear of an alternator.

I changed the absorption voltage to just below the 614 bulk voltage (but still above the absorption voltage of the 614), and it helped - somewhat. When the batteries were in absorption phase (could have been float), the solar did much of the work running the windlass, with a brief assist from the alternator.

How can I do this for the bulk phase charging?

Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Rob Watson

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As the voltage is continuously changing/increasing during Bulk phase, playing with voltage set points will only help partially with what you are trying to achieve...

Although also not a 'perfect solution' either, maybe you could consider adding a VE.Direct TX cable connected to the MPPT VE.Direct port.

Then you could select to use the TX port as a 'virtual load output'.

Next you could assign a DIFFERENT voltage trigger set point for on/off (in the 'load output' section) and use this to turn the MC-614 voltage regulator on/off (potentially via a relay).

This will then allow the MPPT ONLY to be used during all normal conditions UNLESS the voltage drops excessively, to a point below your low voltage trigger set point.

That will then trigger the MC-614 to work again & allow the alternator to bring the voltage back up to the high voltage trigger set point, at which point it will disconnect the MC-614 again (and the MPPT becomes the only charge source again).

Regards, Mark.

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JohnC answered ·

Hi Rob. Leave your Victron at the settings you want for your batts.

The heavy handed way to fix the 614 is to turn it off. But then you might need it in the dark, or for big loads, and forget to turn it back on...

To run together, your aim is to lower the 614's targets to below the Victron's. So maybe 'minimize' the settings of all it's Bulk/Abs/Float V's to where they'd still be useful in the dark, or with low batts, but not contributing in sunlight (until you add significant load). Ie. The Victron will still attempt to hit it's V targets, and the 614 will back off because it's own are already satisfied.

The Bulk' phase is where they will both contribute, and you may be able to stretch out the 614 Bulk time so that it self-limits it's progress through Bulk, to slower than the Victron's. I can't say how that function works though..

This make sense?

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Thanks. Will try lowering the bulk and absorption voltages, a lot. Then once it works, slowly try to tweak them upwards. But unlike using Bluetooth, the 614 is a hassle to change.

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