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Victron ESS system with PV inverter not charging the battery

Hello I have a Victron SolarEdge system with the PV inverter being the main source of PV power, the battery in the ESS system is not charging the battery. is there a setting that i may have missed

i have installed the SolarEdge Modbus meter on the AC in side to limit export as there is a Prepard meter aswell. the PV inverter only supplys the load and does not charge the battery. the PV inverters are also connected to the AC out of the quattro so that the inverters come on in APS mode as well

AC PV Coupling
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Do you have a basic schematic of your system please to allow better understanding of your system arrangement.
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shaneyake avatar image shaneyake Jason - UK commented ·
This would be very helpful. Does ESS have it's own meter or are you using the inverter?
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