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Continuous and Peak Current Limits of Lynx Distributor?


I'm planning out a system for taking a house off-grid, using 3 MP2 10k's in 3-phase (I want to be able to power a Level 2 EV fast charger at full capacity (3-phase, 22kW total)

Can I safely use Lynx Distributors as my busbars, with their listed current rating of 1000 Amps? It doesn't specify whether that's continuous or peak.

By my math, fully-loaded, the multipluses will each draw 8000 Watts continuous, worst case system voltage of about 40 Volts (low SoC and 5 volt voltage drop) gives around 600 Amps continuous, which should be fine for the Distributors.

But, the MP2 can peak at 18,000 Watts for <0.5 seconds ( During that time, assuming a worst-case scenario (all 3 peaking at once, low SoC, 5 volt drop), current would be about 1,350 Amps.

Can the Distributors handle that? I wasn't able to find a separate peak and continuous rating for them, only 1000A.

My understanding is that there's no way to limit the current the MP2s draw from the battery when AC in is not connected, other than by turning loads off. Is that correct?

I don't ever expect to actually hit that peak load. Is fusing the busbar's connections to the batteries/mppt controller (which I'm obviously going to do either way) at some point below 1000A total sufficient to make sure the system is safe, if I would ever exceed the 1000A draw from the MP2s?



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