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Multiplus 24V 3000, AC 220 V output consumer board configuration


on the attached schematic there are two AC outputs. I am confused as to how the daily consumers should be connected. I do not want some consumers on AC 1 and others on AC 2. I have designed 6 AC circuits needing separate MCBs and i need them to be supplied from either shoreline and the inverter output seamlessly. Can anyone help my understanding of the two AC outputs please? Thanking you all.


Multiplus-IIac out 2
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Hi @Miltonmews

Bear in mind that the Multi can pass through shore in addition to what it can invert itself. So if you have shore on and happen to be using say 4kW via just ACout1, then if you lose shore the inverter will overload. If some loads are on ACout2 they will terminate, but ACOUT1 will continue on, inverting from the batteries. Sure you lose some loads, but not all.

And even if you're within the inverter limit, you may decide to have some loads on ACout2 so as not to deplete your batteries with less important loads.

For the more adventurous, ACout2 can be programmed to come on even without shore input. That might be for an opportunity load like heating water when no shore, but batts are full and solar producing.

A useful feature when you need it. But you don't have to use it, your choice..

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Thank you John.

Do i follow correctly then, — the shoreline will always supply ACout1 and ACout2 when plugged in, therefore I do not need to worry about my consumers not getting shoreline power.

So my essential kitchen supplies, fridge freezer and lights and loo etc are best suited on ACout1 (no break load) where as my sockets for other occasional use on ACout2 (Switched load).

—Follow on question—

Does ACout2 get power from the batteries as well as shoreline?

so can i add sockets to this output that will work when no shoreline is connected.

thanks again John


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In the default state ACout2 will be off when there's no shore input. You can change this using 'Assistants' in the Multi, but that's usually only done when you want it to be conditional on some other factor(s).

If you want everything on all the time, just wire all to ACout1. Except for those you don't want running off the batts when you lose shore.

It's normally no big deal switching the ac wires around as you determine what you need. Once you get more experience with your kit, and familiar with how to set up the Assistants, you could even set up a remote control switch to bring ACout2 back on manually if shore failed. Even on a timer. But don't rush into it, just know you have options. Tinkerers rejoice..

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Thanks for you support John. Appreciated.
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