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Victron Orion-Tr smart won't let me update version to latest.

I have firmware v1.06 and when I try to update it says I have the latest version. How do I get to v1.08?

firmware update
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More information please, what product do you have? How do you want to update?
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dc4me avatar image dc4me Matthias Lange - DE ♦ ·

Sorry about lack of info. Silly me! I am using Victron Orion-Tr smart Isolated DC-DC 12/12 V 18 A charger. I was told by Stefanie "VictronConnect v5.59 contains a new firmware (v1.08) for the Orion smart which allows for minimum absorption time 0h when fixed absorption time is selected or 30 minutes with adaptive absorption time selected."

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Which version of VictronConnect do you have installed on your mobile device?
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dc4me avatar image dc4me Stefanie ♦♦ ·

It is v5.59

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The firmware is part of victron connect. But that's the latest version of connect in the playstore

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Looks like I missed a version in the changelog. Sorry for the confusion. It requires VictronConnect v5.70beta1. This version also has the new firmware for the Orion smart.

v5.70beta1 is a beta version. You decide whether you want to install the version or wait for the next official release.

Changelog and download links here:

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