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Battery Protect 220 won't turn on (Error 1) if small loads are present on the output side

I'm having the following issue with the BP220, which has been bugging me ever since I've installed it on my system.

  • BP220 input connected on the positive system busbar through a 200A fuse, via a 2 AWG gauge wire.
  • BP220 output connected to non-essential loads (non-capacitive loads)
  • BP220 negative wire (gauge 16) connected to the main system negative busbar
  • BP220 L/H controlled via one of the LifePo4 BMS (Rec BMS) outputs.

It all works perfectly fine if I turn on the system with no active loads on the output side of the BP. After the system is turned on, it doesn't show any sign of flakiness, intermittent shutdown, or anything else. It works just fine.

If I try to turn on the BP with some small loads active on the output side, I get Error 1, which I read from the manual may be triggered by excessive voltage drop on the input side. I checked for voltage drop and I see pretty much none. I'm clueless on what to try next, so I was hoping to get some guidance from the community.

I can live with the issue as all loads behind the BP have their own breaker, but it just doesn't look right.

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