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Battery powered inverter as ac input on quattro 48/5000

I was hoping someone here could either answer my questions or direct me to the answer somewhere as I have not been able to find it.

I plan to hook up my quattro 48/5000 as my main inverter hooked up to my lithium battery bank. I have a second NiCad battery bank that will have it's own PV input and non victron PSW inverter (yet to be bought). I was hoping that I could hook my NiCad inverter to a quattro input so that if I use more than the set watts from my quattro, or my lithium battery bank reaches a predetermined amount of discharge, I could draw power from my NiCad inverter through my quattro. It makes sense to me but what do I know?

1. Is there any issues with this as a plan?

2. If this works, would there be any back feed issues from the quattro back to the NiCad inverter?

3. Are there specifications that my non victron PSW inverter hooked up to my NiCad bank needs to have for this to work? High frequency, low frequency, frequency shifting? Will any PSW inverter work for this? I am hoping to use either a cheaper inverter for the NiCad bank because I suspect it will not be used much or buy an inverter that might have 120 and 240 output. Even if I have to buy another victron inverter, I still have two battery banks with two different chemistries so this question is still very relevant to me.

Thanks in advance.


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I have now found that the term for what I am looking for is cascading inverters. Although I have read the posts that I can find asking very similar questions as mine, they all are asking about using two quattros or two multiplus to cascade. The only answers I see are "it should work". But what about a non-victron inverter?



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As someone who has built a system with AC coupled Victron Inverters.
My advice to you would be don't go down this road.

Cascading Victron inverters is do able, especially if they are the same size inverters.
But you will get power from the second in the chain pushing back to first one. Most cheap inverters can't handle this and get destroyed. Will like a Multiplus or Quattro it won't break anything but it is very difficult to get what you want working properly.

If I was you, I would try sell NiCad battery and buy some more lithium batteries.
Next option would be to install a DC-DC Like the Orion 48/48 and DC couple the batteries. This will work for diffrent chemistries and if you have a GX in the System you can have it trigger the remote on/off to decide when to move power from the NiCad to main bank.

Victron inverters can be configured for 120/240 output using an autotransformer.

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