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Generator wiring with 2 x 5kva multiplus

Hi guys,

I am expanding an existing system by adding an additional 5kva multiplus in parallel single phase. There will now be 2 x 5kva multis. The existing 6.5kva generator works fine with the existing system. I would like to know the best way about installing either a larger generator and connect it to both multis for charging and operating ac loads in poor solar days. I am reading a lot of people have great difficulties getting this to work correctly on the other posts. This is a complex system with ac coupled solar edge inverters. Dc coupled victron mppts and expanding to 32kwh of BYD batteries. Everything works well at the moment. I do not want the generator to malfunction once we parallel the inverters and have a master and slave setup.

Please advise and assist if possible. SLD would be great and some tips for the VE config would be awesome.

Generatormultiplus in parallel
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