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CCGX Storage Capacity


I have two questions about data storage.

1. It is written that 1 GB SD Card is sufficient to store 3 years of backlog. But what if, I do not use any SD card, how many days does CCGX store the data? In my case; I have used GSM module, and I faced misconnection to telecom services for 7 days, after having gotten the connection again, I can read only 2 days data. Is it ok?

2. Suppose the same scenario with only one difference. Say that, I use a SD Card. When the connection is established again, can GSM module send both instantaneous and stored data in SD Card or not?

CCGX Color Control
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Hello Uccay,

The local storage of the CCGX for power data is very small without an SD card.

You can see the technical details of capacity and where it goes here:

It appears to me that the once the operating system is loaded, the remaining data partition is a mere 15MB.

Data usage required for the CCGX is listed here Q18: What is the data usage of the Color Control GX?

How many days of data that is depends on the sample rate frequency. Once per minute frequency uses 1,440 times more data than once per day frequency.

It is STRONGLY recommended to install an SD card of several GB (8GB is great and super cheap now) to allow for sufficient space, and sufficient read/writes.

If the device is disconnected from the internet, it will store a buffer of data until it connects again. Once it re-connects, it will push the buffer data to the internet starting from the oldest to the newest until it is up to date and real-time again. This can take some time on a slow connection.

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