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Multiplus 3 phase Mains & Float LED's flashing

I have a 3 phase system, made up of 3 x Multiplus 48/3000/35. The system will not output or charge battery. The Mains and Float LEDs flash simultaneously.

I've checked the system configured the system using VE.Bus Config.

It is switched as a group. and each individual device shows no error when checked.

There is a mains 3 phase supply present at the inputs which has the correct phase rotation.

There is a 48 volt battery on the DC.

Wiring has been checked point to point, and this all rings through correctly.

What is the error being displayed? And how can it be rectified?



multiplus ve.bus
multiplus-error.mp4 (15.1 MiB)
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Do yourself a huge favour and get a GX device for the system.

Otherwise check the Victron toolkit.

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Victron tool kit hasn't got this particular combination, however it appears to be a combination of the input being rejected and battery issue at best guess.

I agree a GX is the go to piece of kit, however in this particular application unnecessary, and it won't diagnose this issue anyway.

Thanks for your comments, it's good to hear someone's out there.

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learntorv avatar image learntorv battery-boy commented ·
I'm experiencing the same- Mains On + Float lights flashing. I can't find a combination of this. I know my battery voltage is low but it won't accept power to pass-thru or charge the batteries.
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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ learntorv commented ·

Set them back to individual and use one to charge up.

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