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VE.CAN + NMEA 2000 + Fischer Panda Generator

I'm planning on an install with the following VE.Can devcies: Cerbo GX and Lynx Smart BMS. I am also planning on installing a Fischer Panda generator, and would like to use the J1939 connection method so I can log data from the generator as well as do automatic start/stop. Last, but not least I would like to have the Victron data on the N2K network to display on the chartplotter.

What would the best way to accomplish this? Reading the VE.CAN to NMEA2000 documentation, it appears that it would be best to have a VE.CAN to N2K cable for each device, but should I do that with the generator as well?

Alternatively, maybe it would be easier to keep a separate VE.Can network with just Cerbo GX, Lynx Smart Shunt, and FP generator and then install a Raspberry Pi w/ N2K and SignalK and pull the Victron data over MQQT?

VE.CanNMEA 2000 - N2K
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