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Muliplus-II "Grid lost Alarm" due to.... "High" Voltage in the input... :(


I have a Multiplus-II GX 48/5000/70, in France, configured with the right Grid value (eg VDE2019-XXXX).

Enedis in France give me some "nice" spikes around 254-256V several times a day.

Main problem with this kind of spike is that Enedis says "well" this "more or less" the tolerance values of the grid voltage (230V AC - 50Hz +/- 10%).

I know that 254-256V is more than +10%, but really I want to make the Multiplus less sensitive about those spikes.

Mostly because I have added UPS behind this Multiplus for all the computer room and they really complaining when Multiplus is taking care of the electricity... (APC and Eaton)...22-03-14-20-07-01-3988.png

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