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Victron multiplus sizing/max throughput


I've seen some conflicting threads on the below question.

What is the max load I can attach to multiplus ii 5000Va? Assuming I have grid attached 24/7.

AC-in notes 50amp input (aka max 230*50 = 11,500W)

What loads can multiplus ii output for this model. Manuals seems to say the below option 1 below assuming grid is connected all the time.

1. Is it 50amps (11,500w) from ac-in plus the inverter element 5kva (5000/230 = 22amp) being total output circ: 72amps (16500watts)


2. Is 50amps total (11,500w)


3. 22amps (5000w)

I understand if grid goes down then inverter can only output 5kva option 3 but I'm more curious as to what the peak output is.

I think I'm confusing pass through vs power assist.

I'm trying to size a multiplus/quattro for peak loads of 16000Watts



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It is 50A + 22A for 72A maximum output current.
The 50A limit is for the AC-IN, maximum current for the backfeed relays.
The manual gives an example for the 3kVA version:

With its PowerAssist feature the Multi can add up to 3 kVA (that is 3000 / 230 = 13 A) to the output during periods of peak power requirement. Together with a maximum input current of 32 A this means that the output can supply up to 32 + 13 = 45 A.

Page 10 of the manual here:,-5k,-8k,-10k-230V-EN-NL-FR-DE-FI-SV.pdf

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matt1309 avatar image matt1309 commented ·

Thanks very much for confirming. I did spot that in the manual but saw some threads that said otherwise.

Thanks, Matt

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The manual doesn't actually state that 3kVA addition is related to any specific model. It could be interpreted as there being a 3kVA addition for every model! This would be illogical but needs clarification, I have asked about that today in a new question.

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ rob-in commented ·
The post is old. The manual at this time was written for the 3kVa.
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