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PV fluctuation

Good day,

I am not an installer or dealer but have a question regarding my multiPlus II.

We have recently changed from AGM (4 12v x 220Ah) to lithium (1 x 48V 100ah) battery and since then the PV fluctuates. The installer changed the settings on the MPPT and VRM portal.

my current setup:

1 x Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000

12 x Canadian 405w

1 x Vicrton SmartSolar MPPT 250/85-Tr

1 x Victron Color Control GX - set to keep batteries charged

below is a snippet of the PV Yield for the last hour. 1646651268914.png


When the mains are disconnected (loss of mains (load shedding here in SA)) the PV generates whatever the load is.

Why is the PV generating less when mains are active since changing to lithium?

Any assistance/advise will be highly appreciated as I am getting no joy from the installer or dealer.


1646650955967.png (21.6 KiB)
1646651268914.png (19.3 KiB)
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That isn't a lot of battery for a 5kVA inverter, but that's a different topic.

What battery is it?

Is it on the supported list?

The best place to start is to check all the settings, both on the inverter (via VEconfigure, you can download the file remotely via VRM) and on the MPPT's.

Compare to the setup guide.

If it isn't a supported battery, you will need to speak to the vendor and make sure they provide all the relevant settings for charging and ESS.

There could be any number of causes, all of which are quite difficult to diagnose via the internet.

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