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Which Shunt to Use

I'll have 900ah of LiFePo4 using a Victron MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-50 2x120V in an RV Trailer. 1280 Watts of Solar. I'm hoping to use the Cerbo GX with a display. Looks like there are several Shunts I could use. BMV-700, BMV 712, Smart Shunt 500Amp or Lynx Shunt VE.can. Some have Bluetooth some don't. I may use the Lynx Distribution blocks. Why would I want to use the Lynx Shunt ($350) over the less expensive shunts?

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The choice is largely your choice or dictated by system needs.

The Lynx Shunt integrates physically with the other Lynx components including the Lynx distribution blocks you mention.

It also includes a holder for your main DC fuse.

But the Lynx Shunt does not have Bluetooth. With Cerbo, this may not be of value unless you want to also monitor battery status from your smart phone without using the Cerbo's remote console.

The BMV series has a dedicated display which you probably don't need with Cerbo. The 712 has Bluetooth, the others do not.

The BMV712 and the Lynx Shunt have relay outputs, others do not.

The Smart Shunt is the least expensive unit but has no dedicated display or relay.

A new device is the Lynx Smart BMS which includes BMS control for Victron Lithium batteries, a main DC relay with soft start for protection or remote control, and shunt all in one package.

The Smart Shunt and Lynx Smart BMS are limited to 500 amps. The Lynx Shunt is 1000 amps. Others have larger shunts available.

The Lynx Shunt and Lynx Smart BMS also include load fuse monitoring to a GX device (Cerbo) from the Lynx Distributor.

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