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Connect Pepwave GPS data to Raspberry Pi VenusOS?


Brand new to the Victron Community, I did some research about that topic but couldn't find a real answer to "is this possible or not"?

My setup (in a Voltage Toy Hauler - RV)

  • Pepwave Max Transit Duo with GPS antenna
    • Can be set up to forward GPS data via UDP using an NMEA format / standard (not sure about the right terms here)
  • Raspberry Pi with Venus OS, connected via Wifi (additional AP in the rig)
  • MPII 2x120 connected via MK3-USB to the Pi
  • SmartShunt connected via VE.Direct - USB to the Pi
  • more blue stuff to come (SCC)

I know an easy way to get GPS data could be to buy a USB GPS module and plug it in directly to the Pi, but I don't like to duplicate something if I already have it (in case redundancy is super important), and having this GPS module in my 5th wheel front storage bay will probably not be as efficient as my rooftop antenna connected to the Pepwave.

Question is: is it possible to use the GPS data that the Pepwave can forward in that NMEA standard with VenusOS ?

Is there a need to code something to listen to that UDP communication and forward it to the MQQT server on the Pi (if doable?) or is there a simpler approach?



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