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Multiplus compact in HUB1 configuration

I collected few questions which I was not able to find 100% clear answers on the web. Pls. be so kind and answer.

I'am using Multiplus Compact 24V/2000VA. Solar panels and wind turbine charging batteries via Morningstar PWM controllers.
I want to prioritize to use power from batteries via inverter. Don't want to feed back excessive power to grid.
Connect to the grid only to prevent overload and deep discharge of batteries. Want to use internal charger in Multiplus only at certain SOC (or battery voltage) interval.
HUB 1 Assistant - Prevent feeding to grid looks good. Although it was deprecated in favour to ESS I don't want to use ESS because of need of Venus device in the installation (cost).


a) When configured in HUB1 - Connect to grid when load is higher than e.g.1500W - How will be load distributed e.g. 2000W? Will be 1500W fed from inverter and rest 500W from grid or no power from inverter and full power 2000W from grid?
b) In HUB1 - Connect to grid when load is higher than setting is no 'time' parameter like in Ignore AC Assistant. I assume that connection to grid is immediate. In Ignore AC Assistant setting Connect to grid when load is higher than for '0 seconds' - is it the same and means that connect to grid is immediate? (just want to be sure)
c) Charger in Multiplus: In HUB1 description is written that batteries are normally charged by solar charger and charging from grid is used only in case batteries are discharged to certain level (sustain mode) or weekly batteries maintenance. In the brackets is mentioned also 'communication between Multiplus and MPPT solar charger'. I use, as mentioned before, Morningstar controllers so no communication between them and Multiplus. How will the Multiplus internal charger behave? I have experienced that once I enable charger in VE configure then it always charges batteries regardless on their SOC. How to configure internal Multiplus charged to charge only at certain SOC (or battery voltage) interval?
d) How to configure: When batteries SOC will reach 50% (or corresponding voltage level) internal Multiplus charger will start to charge. If the charging will be sufficient to cover consumption loads will remain feeded from inverter. If the charging will be not sufficient (SOC will be decreasing or battery voltage will reach defined critical level) load will be switched to the grid.
e) I found on web warning about usage of Morningstar controllers in installation with Multiplus: Are you aware about any risk?

Thank you in advance for answering my questions.

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Why would you want to use Hub or ESS?

If I read correctly, all you need is an assistant to control the connection to the grid, which is described here:

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