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CCGX LCD Panel Has Stopped Working

20220128-141554.jpgI accidentally zapped my CCGX when touching a button to wake it up and check incoming solar power. I gave it a pretty hard ESD shock. The unit rebooted and seems to communicate just fine to the VRM Portal. I can log in remotely and access my CCGX, but nothing appears on the LCD screen. Actually, I can see a hint of the old image and the back light is working, but otherwise displays no image. Can I repair it? Is there a replacement LCD? I'd rather fix it than replacing the CCGX and having to start over with a different account since the Unit ID is tied to the CCGX ID number.



CCGX Color Control
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That's annoying. It may not be the LCD it's self, more likely to be the LCD driver which took the hit.
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By driver, you mean the physical chip that takes display data from the processor and creates the pixel pallet that drives the LCD? Perhaps so. Once upon a time these driver chips were separate from the LCD, but generally not anymore. I'm an Electrical Engineer myself with 25 years of circuit design on everything from aircraft electronics to smart phones. BTW, if any EE's at Victron read this, I would recommend adding some good ESD protection to any buttons, inputs, and power input from the outside world to your circuit designs. Something like this should be sufficient to arrest ESD from a human...

This one will allow you to ESD protect multiple signals and prevent stuff like this from happening. You want to be sure to include ESD protection on the power input circuit to any LCD panels as well. Cheers!


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You can transfer data to a new GX device.

I also prefer to fix than replace so I do hear you there. But sometimes it does not work out like that.

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