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ESS settings issue on Quatro 10KVA

I am using Quatro 48V-10kVA inverter with 3 victron MPPT 250-100 charge controllers , Axitec lithium batteries , no grid meter along with Grid to work as backup only. I followed steps to setup ESS for this system but the issue is that whenever I turn on grid along with charge controllers inorder to charge my batteries faster , the inverter shows to be in Passthru mode and solar charge controllers go to 0W (basically they disconect).

When I turn off the grid mcb, the charge controllers come back on and start charging batteries again .. Can anyone guide me on whats set incorrect here that is causing this issue? I will share screen shots of my current ESS settings.


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I saw the set up instructions for the battery and system, have you dont a check through them, maybe you missed something?

It will be either grid meter, batteries, or grid code lom related.

You have grid meter enabled there, but you dont have one?

The GX is not receiving information from can managed batteries, see FAQ 4 for other ideas.

If you have set up your charge voltages in the multi there is no need to set them in the ess menu there.

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the reason for grid meter here is that I have two options inside of it , I will attach pic down for clarification . what should I choose here? I am not using any grid meter just to be sure herescreenshot-2022-01-28-124734.png


Inverter charger then.

alright and what does inverter/charger setting will do basically?

what about batteries and grid code lom ? I dont want to have any specific grid code selected. also in theory its possible to charge batteries both from grid and solar charger simultaneously right ?

The inverter charger will do the metering for grid input.

For ess you need to select a grid code. And in some countries is a requirement to meet local standards.

The LOM if you select grid code other has options of type A and type B. Sometimes these cause an issue.

so does that mean its impossible to use ESS working properly without grid code?

No we use grid code other, but on many countries you have to meet regulations before using ess and the grid code (if your country is there) regulations for install must be met.

sorry I didnt get you. Do you use it or no? and is it really required to get one for running ESS. I didn't read that in the manual.

you must have set a grid code ESS cannot be programmed without choosing a grid code.

4.2. Multi/Quattro and ESS Assistant

Settings to be made in VEConfigure:

  1. Grid tab: configure the country code. A password is required: ask your supplier. More information in VEConfigure: grid codes & loss of mains detection. Note: If you leave this setting as 'None', the system will not supply battery energy to support local AC loads when the grid is connected. You do need to change this setting even if it is your intention not to export DC energy to the grid.