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Victron Easy solar 2 (48 / 3000VA) Charge controller current limiting "due to limited 48V-200AH Tubular battery Capacity"

Dear VICTRON support community,

Warm Greetings from Syria,

I am seeking your kind advice over the below residential setup please :

1- If I have a (Victron Easysolar II (48/3000)) product, which is connected to two PV strings joined in Parallel, each String has {4 x in-series (540W PV-Panels)}.

2-I do also have a limited battery capacity connected to the system as this is what I can currently afford, {48 Volt, 200 AH, Lead Acid Tubular Battery}.

3- Now considering the limited battery capacity I have, and as the included MPPT charge controller is 250/70, I do believe that it's necessary to limit the charging current of the MPPT down to 200/6=33 Amps as I don't want to cause any battery damage.

My question is: if I do limit the MPPT Charging current will that also affect/Limit my max Direct-sunlight Solar-power AC supply capacity? in other words will my max AC output power from the inverter be limited to: 33Amps x 48 = 1584 Watts. ? ..... no matter how bright the sunshine is?

Does the Victron system implementation have a way around this?

Thank you in advance for considering & addressing my Question as I am new to this community and to the solar domain in general.

With my kindest regards to all

EasySolar All-in-Onebatterylife
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Yes, the charge current will be limited to 33A overall regardless of loads.

DVCC might be an option for you in this case, particularly Charge Current Limit.
Please study the DVCC manual and follow the guide here:

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Many thanks dear wkirby for your Advice/feedback ...... I will be looking into the DVCC manual.


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