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3 x 48V victron battery/multiplus in series for electric vehicle?

After completing a few offgrid installations with victron systems and having converted a vehicle to fully electric in the past, i was thinking through the possibly of building another EV using victron components. 3 x 48v systems in series gives 144v and with a 400a discharge limit (200a cont.) via 6 x series 24v 200ah victron batteries - this corresponds to about 57kw peak and 30kw continuous which is within the acceptable output for a small-medium EV.

since victron equipment only works with up to 48v nominal systems, 2 options could exist to use the multiplus & associated components;

1. parallel the 3 x 48v strings with 350A anderson plugs before charging with a single multiplus

2. or have 3 x 48V multiplus running independently but with the connection to shore power paralleled and 240VAC outputs paralleled?

option 1 requires more steps to charge but only requires 1 large capacity multiplus unit

option 2 however may be subject to ground loops since multiplus 1 would see 0V&48V, multiplus 2 - 48V & 96V, multiplus 3 - 96V & 144v. another post on here suggests the multiplus are infact isolation transformers however i can see a few scenarios where where a ground loop could occur (ie when EN relay reverts to the grid). i also assume multiplus outputs couldnt be paralleled as they are designed to do.

i would be interested to hear from a victron engineer on how this could work ? having a dual-use battery pack could make the investment more justifiable.

look forward to any relevant comments!

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I guess option 2 should work because each MultiPlus is connected to 48V.


This kind of setup is definitely not supported and on your own risk! Therefore you will not get any official advice from Victron.

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