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Easysolar kva: Inverter does not work.

Hi !

The inverter in my Easysolar 3kva does not switch on after winter. Seems like solar charger (MPPT) works fine.

The switch has been on charger only through the winter, and when I switch to "On" I do not get power/electricity. I can see the light of the MPPT -so it seems to be working and the Color Control shows 28 + volts.
On Colorcontrol: When choosing Device - Multiplus 24/3000/70-50 it says:

Connected: No,

Conection: VE Bus

Since the system is on an island I have only internet during summertime when I use the cottage.
-I can istall internet, but then I need the inverter to work so I have 220 volt for the WIFI router.

Hope to hear from you soon :-)


Eric Heiberg

EasySolar All-in-One
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Paul B answered ·

try unplugging the VE Bus connection from CCGX and turn the inverter off then back on.

put it back into the CCGX when it starts

then upgrade the firmware to the latest 433

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Thank you very much for the quick reply ! :-)

I will try that -but do you know why this happened to me? Could it have anything to do with low temperature?

How do I upgrade to the lates firmware....-does this happen automatically if I am connected to the internet?

I have been offline during winter since it is dark up here in Norway and I didnt want to use energy (my wifi needs 22 volt -hence the inverter needs to be on).

I found out that if I left the inverter on (with no, or little load -only a fridge using energy) the Easysolar would use approximately 1,2 kw every day.


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John Rushworth avatar image John Rushworth ♦♦ eric-heiberg commented ·

The CCGX will update, when connected to the internet, if you have set it to do so. I too have a 230V router but on checking the power supply it says 12V so I run it off that.

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Thank you very much John :-)

I will sort out my internet connection and see if I can make it work off 12 volt.


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