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Node-RED dashboard on Cerbo GX Touch 50?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

Is it possible to launch and display the Node-RED dashboard, directly on the Cerbo GX - Touch 50 display?

Like swiping left and right between different default Venus OS screen layouts, could the Node-RED dashboard perhaps be accessible this way, as a fourth screen layout?

Thanks, Anton

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Hi @PlaasPondok

I am not the one to answer that one but I definitely see the appeal. I suppose its possible, but quite unlikely to be an official in-house project (I don't know one way or the other).

There are some active enthusiast developers (who aren't Victron core dev team) who have done some modifications to the UI already.

That is most likely to be where it comes from. They will likely see this post and might have more ideas for how it could be done.

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Thanks @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

I have found this related post, but i'll keep on searching. @dave68

It looks like it boils down to installing a web browser, into the existing Venus OS Large GUI.

If anyone can give some pointers, it will be greatly appreciated.

I'd ultimately like the Cerbo UI to look like this:


and some few more pages...

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mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

Hi it can be done, but is far from easy, and result unpredictable due to Cerbo having limited resources.

Anyone that wants to go do work on this: success and enjoy!

Its more than just installing a webbrowser, you'd need to compile one. And since Venus OS doesn't have a window manager, you need to do more than just compile Chrome browser.

One thing you could try is compile it as part of Qt. But as said, we looked at this for other projects, and its not something anyone can just do easily.

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Thanks @mvader (Victron Energy) - it will be great if this can be added to an ideas list or wish list somewhere. I think it will open up a lot more functionality possibilities for integrating mobile IoT based automation - like marine, RV, and even home automation, if the Venus OS Large could facilitate an embedded html interface as well, for dashboard purposes. I have already integrated Sonoff switches with Tasmota firmware over MQTT for AC load optimisation, all running inside the Cerbo GX and it works like a charm - adding Node-Red Dasboard GUI functionality will make the Cerbo GX a complete standalone end to end solution for automation. Thanks!

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Rene Mullie answered ·

@PlaasPondok I run OpenHab IoT controller on a seperate RPi nxt to my Cerbo, pul in all dBus data over MQTT and build nice dashboards in OpenHab embedding Grafana and lots and lots of other stuff very easy. Also writing from OH to Cerbo, for example my input current limit is done from dashboard in OH over MQTT to cerbo/multiplus. Really worth to do some research if this could work for your setup! See caps of some of my dashboard screens:oh3-mulbus-main-t13.jpg

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