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signalk-subscribe with NodeRed embedded in Venus OS Large


regarding NodeRed that i used in the past with SignalK installation, i liked signalk-subscribe, signal-send-pathvalue ... kind of nodes to get directly the SignalK informations.

Now, i moved to Venus OS Large with NodeRed already embedded (also SignalK) and i'm glad to find all the powerful new Victron Energy nodes.

So, my question is ... i do not found anymore the previous SignalK nodes like signalk-subscribe

On one side a great benefit (Victron nodes), but on the other side a loss (SignalK) !

Probably, many points that i do not understand (sorry, i'm not an expert).

I'll appreciate to receive some help on this topic.

Best regards, Christian

Venus OSNode-RED
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Stefanie answered ·

Hi @Sophie & Christian,

the signalk-node-red-plugin with all the signalk nodes mentioned by you, is embedded in SignalK and not included (yet) in VenusOS-large. Hopefully they will become embedded in the future.

To get access to the signalk nodes, you must install signalk-node-red from within Signalk appstore and then run node-red from there. Installing those nodes into node-red from VenusOS will not work!
So basically you will have two instances of node-red in the end, one in Signalk and the current one in VenusOS-large. Depending on what you wanna do with it, you start your flows from SignalK or VenusOS.

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Hi Stefanie,

thanks a lot for your help.

Your response is clear and i understand that we have now 2 instances of node-red.

But you indicate to start flows from SignalK or from VenusOS ... i suppose meaning that starting both concurrently is not possible ... do i'm right ?

And, if the case, glad to know that it'll become embedded in the future.

Basically you can have multiple instances of node-red on the same server.

In that case you might want to get familiar with the command line interface of node-red to pass on arguments (ie. port, settings file etc.)

A good start is the Node-RED Forum, where you get plenty of help and links pointing you in the right direction.

Another approach is to only use the signalk-node-red-plugin. Then you can have both, Venus and SignalK nodes.