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How to connect a windturbine (primus air 40) to monitor through venus OS. Bmv-712

I am confused please assist.

I have a BMV-712 with its shunt.

I have installed a Primus Air40. 24v windturbine and there wind generator control.

This gives me voltage, current and combined power accumulation. It also has a MCB and a brake.

I have had alot of back and forth with Primus as they insist that I need to wire the the positive and negative directly to my batteries positive and negative on the bank.

From Victrons side, I understand that all of the loads negatives should be connected to the shunt. This is to get reading.

Yesturday i got my PI with touchscreen running Venus. I am not sure if I can see anything from the turbine.

Currently the turbine is wired as Primus insisted I have it. Directly to the battery bank.

what is correct?

To the shunt or direct?

Hope someone knowledgeable can advise

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All the BMV can see is battery voltage and loads that pass through the shunt. So the lack of measurement is expected.

You'll have seen that the shunt is a big chunk of metal with very low resistance, so connecting the turbine to the load side of the shunt is electrically equivalent to connecting directly to the battery. There is no significant difference.

What was the reason given for bypassing the shunt? Unless there's a believable reason, I'd either ignore them or escalate through their tech support. Especially if they threaten warranty issues, but get it in writing. The last thing you want is for a failure of their kit to be blamed on you.

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They did not really specify, but said that the turbine needed to be connected directly due to the internal regualtor which is inside the body of the turbine. This regulator looks at the voltage and of too high would apply a brake.

But my thinking is, if the turbine is connected to the batteries directly and not the negitive to the shunt on side which is labled Loads then it wont be registered and cannot be monitored and viewed in Venus OS.

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