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Multiplus 5000 SOC estimate with DC current and voltage and passthrough issue

We have 3 phase system using 3xMULTIPLUS 5000 48V/5000/70A together with batteries that are not communicating with Multiplus. The system is controlled via display in ESS mode to setpoint input power of 600 W. When there is low battery voltage and current drops via voltage limit the SOC rises, since the measured current is positive instead negative which in reality is (battery is discharging). DC voltage drifts down as a result of discharging, but SOC is false increasing. The system in bulk mode then decides to go to passthrough mode and stops maintaining minimum battery voltage, voltage due to self discharge keeps droping and SOC increases to 100%. It never resumes bulk charging. Is there anything one can do to fix the current measurement offset. The DC side is measured without external components .

Thank you for the answer.


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