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SmartSolar MPPT 150/45 - Tr restart without app

Hello, my charge controller (MPPT 150/45 - Tr) shows an internal error. Hence, my battery of my camper van will not be charged by the solar modules anymore. I tried to connect my phone with the charge controller, but since the dongle is hidden somewhere, I couldn't find or establish any connection. Therefore, I want to restart the charge controller manually. Does anybody know, how I can do that? (Or may know an alternativ solution for my problem?)

I would be thankful for any help or advice!

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Maybe try disconnecting the battery & solar power to it (preferably via a switch / breaker or fuse removal) and wait for a good 5 to 10min before reconnecting.

It may actually have a real internal hardware issue or blown internal fuse (not user replaceable) - in this case it may need to be returned.

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Finally I was able to try your proposal, Mark. I disconnected the battery from the rest of my camper van. Somehow the charge controller got still electricity. I have no clue how, because it was a very cloudy day, so I guess there was no energy from the solar as well.

I there a way to plug out all the power supply directly at the charge controller? Unfortunately I cant reach the charge controller very well, so I cant realy see the cables going in.

Thanks for your help!

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Even if it is cloudy or almost dark it's likely that the solar will still have enough power to keep the MPPT powered.

You really need to the disconnect the solar as well.

Is there maybe a fuse for the solar somewhere? Can you disconnect the actual panels themselves at the MC4 plug? (Just please be careful not to get shocked by high voltage DC, if your not comfortable get help from an expert/installer)

Maybe if you only have a few panels you could try to cover them with a thick blanket or cardboard, but this option is not ideal.

Also please note that even if you take all power away from your MPPT & then restart it, this may not clear the error. There may be a genuine issue.

Do you know what error you are getting?

If you download the Victron Toolkit app you can compare the LED flashing sequence and see what it means.

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