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Blue smart charger Functionality Device/App

A few questions about the Blue Smart Charger IP22 Rev2:

-How does the triple output work, eg have a trailer with main battery bank and then have a secondary battery used with a trolling motor. So the trolling motor needs to be charged independently from the trailer batteries. All batteries are LiFePo4. Will each charge at its own rate and once one gets to the charged parameters stop on its own?

-Are there multiple profiles in the app for each of the 3 lines one the triple output charger?

-Can you enable/disable charging from the app? Can this be done for each of the triple output independently?

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It is one charger and the outputs are just separated with diodes.

So you have one charge profile for all three outputs and all are charged at the same time.

You can't disable one output or the charger in VictronConnect.

Take a look at the demo library in the App.

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Oops just realized I posted and answer not a comment. Thanks for the info. That is really too bad you cannot disable the charger via bluetooth.

-Are there any inputs on the unit to switch it off, or to connect a remote on/off switch? Or is the only way to stop it from charging to unplug it from AC power?

-Any plans to update the app to be able to enable/disable charging via the app?

-Any concerns with one of the 3 lines being connected to a set of LiFePo4 batteries that are 100% and then connecting up one line to the second battery which is at 10% to charge it? If it's ok to do this, does the AC power have to be removed when you add the second battery?

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@Matthias Lange - DE any chance you are able to answer the questions above?

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