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How to limit SOC while being connected to grid

Boat: Quattro+CCGX+Lithium+Genset+Happy captain

When running generator on auto start (from CCGX), I can set CCGX to which SOC genset shall start and stop. Hence I can keep batteries always between f.ex. 20%-80% in order not to stress the batteries.

How can I set the same limitation when connected to shore? You know, like my Tesla, it strongly recommends not to charge over 90% in daily use to preserve battery life. The solution, if there is any, should be easy to override, as you once in a while suddenly want to charge to 100% again.

(The problem is the same with the boat engine, but with my 1000Ah lithium bank the engine rarely achieves 100% anyway.)

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JohnC answered ·

Hi @Piraya

There's probably several ways to do this. Given the Quattro has switching control of ACIN (1 or 2), then you could use Assistants. These are a bit clunky to change about regularly, so if you're happy with doing it from the GX, then maybe like this..

Thinking aloud now, and presuming you're happy with switching off the genset autostart externally when you plug in shore.

Run another wire pair from the GX relay to an Aux port in the Quattro. Set up Programmable Relay asst to read that Aux and signal General Flag asst, which is set to Ignore ACIN (1 or 2, whichever shore is on). Needs to be set up in reverse so it Ignores ACIN when you don't want it, when SOC is ok.

So now instead of starting the genset the GX will stop ignoring ACIN.

If you're new to Assistants you'll need to brush up a little..

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piraya answered ·

My Quattro has control, this is a standard installation that follows the installation manual, i.e. genset on ACIN1 and shore on ACIN2. But I do not want to stop charging by ignoring the shore input, I want to continue to use the shore to power all other equipment, I just want to stop the charging when batteries reach 90 % or so. Furthermore, I do not want to switch on and off the genset auto start functionality each time I connect to shore, I am looking for a hazzlefree boating life (which is why I use the auto start in the first place). So I was hoping that Victron (as being one that particularly should care about battery health) had an easy available parameter to limit SOC when connected to grid.

I could accept an advanced solution if it is a one-time operation. Maybe the most easy way is to set the Quattro charge voltage as low as 13,8V or 14,0V (which corresponds to a 90% charge level at my batteries), but will my charging then take longer time? And is it pretty tricky to set back to 14,6V now and then during the summer?

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