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IP22 Charger charging at 16v+

Morning, I have a IP22 charger connected to a 120AGM battery along with a BMV-712. I had the charger set to 14.7 volts. When monitoring the charger etc it showed what I expected. I then enabled V.E Smart on the BMV and joined the IP22 to the network. It is sharing amps and volts. What I noticed is the charging went over 16v+ (disable VE and it goes back to 14.7). My Battery Protect said over voltage and disabled its output. The Voltage on the IP22 and Battery Protect said 16v+, but the BMV said it was 12.9 (ish). The SOC on the BMC was 100%, but i decided to resync it and then the voltages all dropped back to 14.7 and has been fine since. So my question is what happened as the IP22 shouldn't go above 15v (with the high setting)? Just a bit worried that it will happen again and potentially damage something. Cheers in advance :)

bluesmart ip22
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Hi @drewbie,

have you checked temperature compensation settings?

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