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SMA Sunnyboy comms with Multiplus

I have an SMA Sunny Boy 5000TL that has been running with an Multiplus 5kw for 5 years now but we recently installed an Lithium bank as well as more panels but connected them on a separate Victron MPPT, but now the Sunny Boy has a lot of excess capacity and is pushing back into the grid. There is no Comms installed between the Multiplus and the Sunny boy only an Victron current sensor was installed and on the CCX it only shows PV invertor, is there a way in have the two units talk to each other? to try and limit the grid feedback. The Sunny Boy does have an network module installed, Any help would be appreciated.

AC PV Coupling
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I have not used a sunny boy. But there is some information on connecting the two together. There are no features like the limit feedback.

Some guys use aux switches to switch pv invterters on and off as needed. You can can have it on ac2 and program the inverter to switch the feed on and off as needed. Or you can have the multi disconnect from grid when the batteries are full or close to full.

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