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Frequency shift- Quattro 48/15000

Good day .

Is there a way to determine why the inverter is Frequency Shifting ?

Is it possible to find out were the command comes from ?

I am running 3 x 48/15000 Qauttro , 56KWh Solar MD batteries and Solar Edge 27.5 Grid tie inverter.

The Qauttro's seems to shift the frequency and the solar edge starts throttling. Is there any way to determine what will make the Qauttro's start frequency shift ?


Johannes Cronje

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@Johannes Cronje

It is usually related to battery charging. Frequency shifting in Fronius is related to that and of course load. I have not used Solar Edge but would think the same principle applies.

Which makes the bank sizing on a set up critical - when larger loads drop off the bank needs to sink overshoot production.

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HI @Alexandra .

I do agree with you , it makes sense.

My situation is as follows. The Solar Edge did not start up this morning and my battery was sitting around 60%. Thus there was no reason as far as I understand that the Quattro's was required to shift its frequency. There was Load on it but the Solar Edge refused to start up . I was faultfinding the Solar Edge until I realized my Quattro's were shifting its frequency to 51,3Hz thus my Solar Edge wont ramp up. I disconnected my Can-bus from the batteries and all start working again until the system weren't happy and got disconnected . Connected the can bus and it worked again but the Solar Edge was only producing at around 60% of its capacity. When i went into my Colour control i could see that the Quattro's have shifted its frequency to just below the disconnected value . So I got a bit of production but not full power.

I need to know if there is data that i can extract from the VRM Portal to to know why the Quattro's behave like this , and if its caused for it to react like this by means of the battery communication part or not.

With the disconnection of the can bus from the battery it was the closest i came to eliminate the possible cause .

I hope there is some answers for this


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Fronius also has the issue with frequency locking.

The first thing to do is recheck settings on both the victron programming, battery settings and solar edge side. Including the power factor settings.

If the batteries are sending a no charge signal it will not ramp up much. You can also check if the solar mds are sending the please charge signal through their logger. their customer support is awesome if you need help with that.

Elimination is the easiest diagnosis method to be honest

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