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Multiplus installation

I am buying a 2003 Carver 444 and a survey has revealed that the chargers are bad and need to be replaced. There are two chargers on board at the moment and I am changing them out to one Multiplus 12/3000/120. There is a genset battery, two house batteries and two starter batteries. I have the Multiplus and the galvonic isolator for the shore power. I am thinking that I can connect the genset batt to one zone. The other four batteries would be run in parallel to the zone two for a total of 280ah. I am thinking that I can install the Cyrix-Ct (one to each starter battery) in the parallel that would allow me use the amp hours of all four batteries, but not let me drain the starter batteries so I can start the motors. Besides adding a Cerbo GX to monitor things on the MFD, Am I missing anything? or am i about to blow my boat up?

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