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battery bank upgrade- 56v and 24v banks how to connect?

My battery bank is 24 OPZS bats (with goes up to 56V) i bought another bank of 11OPZS (24V) is there any way / possibility to hook it up or do i need more batteries to make both banks 56v?
My old bank is 130a per battery, new bank is 350a per battery.

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Combining old and new does not work so well. Either the old ones will be destroyed, or the new ones will be injured. Yours will be worse as they are not the same capacity either

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So even any balancer won't help?

I understand that I need another 13 to make it up on to 56v and then just replace bank?

How come ppl join battery packs then?

If that's won't work then I'm on bad side, winter is coming and I can't afford another 5k on batteries, damn.

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Dear Sir ,

Well in general its not recommended to connect different batteries together ( of older age / different chemistry / different amperage / different impedance )

In general I think your best solution would be to get an other change controller / or inverter and separate the systems into new and old.

and somehow parallel them on an other level.
Either in the 240V system or somewhere else.

I don't know your full setup but it would be helpful to know what we have to deal with.

Thank you in advance

The Harvester.

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This is what we do, another bank and inverter. cheers
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